"CONVITUS Collective Foundation is an independent registered pension fund institution. It is licensed to provide occupational pension benefits in accordance with the Occupational Pensions Act."




Affiliated companies


Insured members


Clear, transparent, return-oriented investment policy based on ethical principles

  • Investing on the basis of Christian, ethical principles (e.g. no speculative investments in foodstuffs)
  • No expensive hedge funds, no risky securities lending
  • Efficient investment at low costs, generating as much net income for the insured persons as possible


Smart (i.e. customised) and cost-effective pension solutions

Through BERAG, CONVITUS has access to a very large and experienced administration office with sophisticated administration systems. This means it can offer its affiliated members all of the pension solutions permitted by law without the high costs normally associated with such a high level of individuality. However, the initial aim at CONVITUS is to provide our customers with expert advice and to gain an understanding of the specific and individual pension needs of each affiliated member.

Clear governance and transparency

When the CONVITUS Collective Foundation was established and launched in 2010, all of the experienced gained during 25 years of the BVG was put to good use. CONVITUS benefits from a separation of powers, the exclusion of conflicts of interests, transparent accounting and information for insured persons, and now also permanent access to the Foundation's live data for insured persons and affiliations thanks to a web portal based on the latest technology.

Securing customer confidence

For most workers, occupational pension provision is their most important savings product. CONVITUS approaches its obligation towards its beneficiaries on a corresponding trust basis. The working relationship with affiliated employers is also carefully nurtured to achieve long-term relationships based on trust. At CONVITUS, the affiliated employers are always viewed as partners, with whom the Foundation is in permanent contact.

Our organisation




Tax-exempt pillar 2 institution entered in the register of occupational benefits schemes of the Canton of Basel-Stadt within the meaning of Art. 80 et seq. SCC, Art. 331 SCO and Art. 48 para. 2 OPA


Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG,
Dornacherstrasse 230, 4018 Basel


Gruber Partner AG
Bahnhofstrasse 78, 5000 Aarau

Pension insurance expert

c-alm AG
Zwinglistrasse 6, 9000 St. Gallen


ZURICH Versicherungen

Asset management

Credit Suisse AG
Albin Kistler AG
Zugerberg Finanz AG

Supervisory authority

BSABB BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht beider Basel (Supervisory Board for Occupational Pensions and Foundations of the Two Basels)
Eisengasse 8, 4001 Basel

Information and advice

Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG,
Dornacherstrasse 230, 4018 Basel

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of highly professional individuals with long-standing experience. Their job is to actively pursue the goals of CONVITUS and enable all insured members to obtain fair pension provision.

Employee representatives

Dr. Thomas Giudici (Präsident)
Giudici Consulting GmbH

Markus Eger
zugelassener Revisor
T. O. Advisco AG

Employer representatives

Simon A. Ganther (Vizepräsident)
Simon A. Ganther Finanzberatung und Kulturmanagement

Dr. Peter Gloor
Chrischona Schweiz